Test crops Brllnt Organic concentrate

Below we present photo and video material and some results from over 20 years of research and tests, which were used to develop a new effective stimulator and growth regulator, liquid mineral-organic microfertilizer, preparation improving soil quality and decomposing crop residues or crop residues – Brllnt Organic concentrate and its practical test applications in the planting places of agronomic enterprises (farms, greenhouse complexes) in cooperation with scientific enterprises from Ukraine and Poland.

CONCENTRATE Brllnt Organic
Organic-mineral liquid fertilizer of a new generation, foliar and soil fertilizer.
One of the very effective measures to ensure profitable production of agricultural crops is the optimization of mineral nutrition of plants throughout the growing season in the full range of agricultural technologies. Brllnt Organic carried out practical tests on farms in Ukraine in the following areas: Ternopil, Volyn, Dnepropetrovsk, Khmelnitsky, Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa, Zhytomyr, Donetsk and Kiev and in Poland near Tarnów and Suwałki.

We examined the effectiveness of the soil remediation technology system, the method of treating crop residue, to a depth of 6-12 cm, depending on the type of crop, as well as foliar spraying with a stimulator, growth regulator and micro fertilization with a Brllnt Organic concentrate, with a rich and complex composition developed by the department naukowy Brllnt Organic Sp. z o.o., which has a complex impact on the development and productivity of crops: winter and spring wheat, spring barley, winter and spring rape, maize, sunflower and others.

The results of practical independent research
The full supply of plants with essential nutrients at the beginning of the growing season “programs” their high-efficiency development. The absorption of nutrients by the root system in adverse conditions is insufficient, which slows down the rate of growth and development. At low temperatures or droughts, nutrients are not completely absorbed, even with enough available compounds and soil moisture. In this case, the application of foliar spraying can help, because the degree and speed of absorption of nutrients from fertilizers by leaves, especially trace elements, is much higher than for fertilizers used for soil. Critical is also the lack of macro- and microelements in cereals in the phase of going “into the tube” – the earring, which is well supplemented by the preparation Brllnt Organic.

Due to the intense, rapid growth of vegetative mass, the absorption of nutrients by the root system “does not keep to the growth rate of plants”, and even one of the macro or microelements can be a factor limiting the increase in efficiency. Single spraying of wheat plants in winter in the full tillering phase – the beginning of piping with the Brllnt Organic solution led to an increase in yield by 29-34% (depending on the sowing dose, dose of mineral fertilizer doses and soil quality). Spraying after the Brllnt Organic solution also contributed to the increase in the gluten content in the grain. The preparation had anti-stress effect in adverse weather conditions.

Cultivation performance features, such as plant height, ear length, number of grains per ear, 1000 seed weight, have been improved. The quality features of grain have also been improved: in winter and spring wheat in the experimental version it corresponded to class 2, and in the control version – class 4-5. The use of this fertilizer in the composition of the tank mix with herbicides is an economically viable technique for growing cereals and other crops.

Brllnt Organic concentrate has been determined and recommended for use in foliar treatments by plants, according to the main phases:

– cereal cultivation: 3-4 times winter, spring and spring barley treatment – seed treatment, tillering phase, harvesting phase, soil reclamation;
– spring and winter rape: 2-4 times treatment – seed treatment, seedling-rosette phase, before flowering and after flowering, soil reclamation.

maize: treatment 3-4 times – seed treatment, seedling phase, 3 to 6 leaf forming phase, 8 to 10 leaf forming phase, soil reclamation.

sunflower: 3-4 times processing – seed processing, 4-6 leaf forming phase, 8-10 leaf forming phase, soil reclamation.

In addition, many greenhouses in the Kherson region have obtained positive results in the application of Brllnt Organic preparations for foliar and root application on berry crops such as raspberries, strawberries, grapes, and the following methods have been identified and recommended at the main stages of development:


strawberries: four times – soaking the seedlings, phase before flowering, phase 7 days after flowering, intensive fruiting phase; (develops a strong root system, develops strong greenery, weight, contributes to the development of resistance to stressful situations, increases the size of the resulting berries, improves taste) – increases yield up to 35%, compared to the crops before using Brllnt Organic.


raspberries: four treatments – the phase of early spring feeding, the beginning of flowering phase, the fruiting phase, the phase after berry harvest; (promotes the active growth of strong shoots, strengthens and develops a strong root system, helps in stressful weather conditions, develops resistance to diseases, increases the density of berries, improves taste indicators) – increase in yield up to 30% bigger harvest than before.


grapes: processing five times – phase of the kidney swelling period, phase before flowering, phase of the appearance of berries at the pea stage, phase of the berry softening period, post-harvest phase; (increases the content of sugar, flavoring substances and dyes) – efficiency increase 17-20%, compared to previous crops without the use of Brllnt Organic.

Studies have shown that Brllnt Organic development data are recommended for use in all agricultural crops. Its use contributes to the increased germination of agricultural crop seeds, potato tubers, seedling survival, better rooting of seedlings, increased crop yield and improved quality of plant production, in some cases it has fungicidal activity, is compatible with the use of plant protection products (in one tank mix ), which gives an additional economic effect and reduces the time of chemical stress in plants, improves soil water-physical properties, accelerates the formation of a fertile soil layer, increases the content of nutrients in the available form, promotes the binding of toxic factors in the soil, improves all quality indicators it collects, does not harm animals, birds and bees.