Fitovalor limited liability company was established in 2012 in Olkusz. Together with the Brllnt Organic organisation our employees have many years of professional experience in the organic fertilizers industry. We gather people with appropriate experience and passion who are not indifferent to the fate of our planet. The main goal of the company is to provide farmers with the highest quality natural fertilizers and protection products that are completely safe for the environment, e.g. for people and animals in our environment. In order to achieve their goal, the company’s specialists have been conducting research on the use of natural fertilizers in plant cultivation for a long time.

Our goal
Our goal is to produce the highest quality natural fertilizers and plant growth aids that are safe for the environment. The effect of our long-term work is the enhanced organic-mineral concentrate O-80 consisting of a unique composition of micro- and macronutrients, vitamins, free L- plant amino acids, humic acids. Our preparation contains all the nutrients necessary for the proper development of the plant and ensuring abundant yields. The preparation is available in liquid form; it can be applied both foliar and soil, which facilitates its application to various types of soils and crops.

In order to get to know our products, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the information contained on our website and to contact our company representatives. We will be happy to provide you with all the information you need and provide support in the implementation of your agricultural plans!

Founders Brllnt Organic fertilizers

Paul M. van den Boogaard (莫保罗 Mo Paul)

“I am an expert in market development and opening new markets and studied polymer chemistry and materials science. Together with a select group of highly experienced specialists (together with more than 100 years of experience worldwide) who have expertise in their specific field, I set up Brllnt Organic (fertilizers) to solve customers’ real problems worldwide.

Brllnt Organic is part of the Brllnt Green Group, which consists of three separate entities. Beside Brllnt Organic Brllnt Green consists of Brllnt Coatings (eco-coatings with low or zero VOC: and and Brllnt Fresh (

Within the Brllnt organization, I largely deal with general management, marketing and making our products available worldwide.”

and Grzegorz Kulawik

“I am a Polish entrepreneur and innovator. I manage companies with an international reach, operating in the industrial and new technologies sectors. Founder and owner of El-Logic, President of the Management Board of Soning Sp. z o.o., vicepresident of Pardi Sp. z o. o. and Si4 Sp. z o.o., proxy of Electric Global. Social activist and philanthropist, president of the Legion Bydlin Sports Club.

Within the Brllnt organization (as partner the production is done at Fitovalor Sp. z o.o. Poland), I largely deal with general management, procurement, production, R&D and quality control.

Together with Paul, we started Brllnt Organic fertilizers (in Poland called Fitovalor) to bring change to this world. Paul is as I like to call it an eco-missionary. I am proud to be part of the mission.”

Partner Peter Fransz

”For over thirty-six years, I have cherished the relationship between design and brand. Corporate design and packaging design should give the right signals in a split second. If the image matches corporate identity, it is credible. If the image matches what the product does and says and creates clear recognition, it will be a success. I shape brands with this in mind. As a brand strategist and graphic designer, I have helped many brands large and small with their positioning and brand awareness in the market. At Brllnt, I am responsible for the strategy and marketing of the various brands and products of the Brllnt Green Group, Brllnt Organic, Brllnt Coatings and Brllnt Fresh.

Within the Brllnt organization, I largely deal with communications, brand development, brand positioning, and corporate and packaging design. I ensure a recognizable identity, based on a clear and distinctive strategy and positioning appropriate to the brand.

In addition, I am highly active in the sustainable economy, participating in sustainable projects with the mission of meeting future energy needs and reducing the impact of producing and using energy on our climate.”

Competitors are too cautious and inflexible and are waiting for a demand from the market. They do not solve the problems, they put out fires, and they wait and see what governments will do before responding. We solve problems, are proactive, flexible, and innovative, and work together with customers and partners to achieve the best possible results, and the best possible solutions.

In addition, we want to help and contribute to solving the current global environmental pollution problems. The world has many problems like nitrogen pollution, CO2 emissions, and poisoning agricultural cultivated areas. After the Second World War, there was intense pressure on agriculture to increase plant production (farming/greenhouses). Natural methods of plant cultivation were replaced by synthetic mineral fertilizers, such as artificial fertilizers. This led to intensive use of fertilizers all over the world. In 38% of the world’s cultivated area and 11% of its vegetated area, soil has been degraded in various ways since 1945. (Gardiner & Miller, 2004). This is an area the size of India and China combined. This must stop! Now! That is why we developed eco bio-organic/organic-mineral fertilizers that do not poison cultivated areas but start recultivating, and cleaning them and in addition just work as a good fertilizer for conventional farmers and planters worldwide but also for specialized organic farmers worldwide with many USPs. And in addition to that the yield can increase and we keep the pricing reasonable or payable for farmers to make also good profit.

We have noticed that many companies call themselves sustainable. Sustainable nevertheless means that a company must be sustainable from A to Z and not just partly and therefore sustainability has acquired a strange aftertaste for us. Many sustainable companies are not sustainable at all!

Now we have decided to develop our own solutions, because bringing change to the world. is still going to slow. We have taken the right steps and developed real sustainable clean fertilizers and additives that help change the world and solve the problems we face today.


We do not wait for the future but shape it ourselves, we are part of the future makers.