Organic universal liquid fertilizer of the new generation, with stimulating properties, is a product of technologically advanced processing of lignite (leonardite). It contains monovalent, easily soluble potassium salts of humic and fulvic acids and a complex of chelated trace elements. The use of this preparation is aimed at protection against stress factors of various origins, stimulation of development processes, soil reclamation and optimization of plant nutrition. For foliar and soil application


  • It accelerates the growth of the plant
  • Improves crop quality
  • Regenerates plants after using herbicides
  • Activates the synthesis of chlorophyll
  • Increases yield
  • Increasing the germination capacity and germination energy of seeds
  • Anti-stress and adaptogenic effect after using plant protection products
  • Works comprehensively, increasing resistance to diseases, drought and frost
  • Conducts a comprehensive impact on the soil, improves its chemical, physical and biological properties
  • Helps transport nutrients more efficiently
  • Shortens crop ripening time
  • Conducive to quick rooting of cuttings
  • Reduces the dose of mineral fertilizers
  • Environmentally friendly product, safe for people and animals



Pre-sowing treatment of seeds (in a comprehensive way affects the growth and development of plants, it is the first and extremely important step towards obtaining abundant, high-quality crops).
Foliar and soil feeding during the growing season as an independent fertilizer (or together with mineral fertilizers).


O-organic concentrate is used alone or in combination with pesticides and other fertilizers. Add the O-organic to the tank first. Recommended order of tank mix preparation: water, O-organics, plant protection products, fertilizers.



Apply the prepared solution at dawn or after sunset.

Storage temperature from 0 C° to 30 C°

The substance is harmless, does not contain toxic, hazardous substances and harmful microorganisms. Transport – unlimited, safe product. The last spraying should be carried out no later than 2-3 weeks before harvesting!