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Organic-mineral foliar and soil liquid fertilizer

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For seed and root treatment

Highly effective, the first and only preparation on the market, combining the action of a complex of biologically active substances and ingredients, free L – plant amino acids, macrocells, trace elements of natural origin and in chelated form, vitamins, macro, micro and mesoelements with the addition of organic matter and acids humus from brown coal, in a concentrated liquid form.

Manufactured thanks to the use of proprietary, innovative manufacturing technology by Brllnt Organic.

The effects of Brllnt Organic ®

For improving and
recultivating soil quality

The effect of the Brllnt Organic concentrate is already visible during the first harvest and increases in the following years of use. When using Brllnt Organic ® concentrate, after 2 or 3 years, the soil regains its proper quality to a very large extent, and the yields for some plants were even several times higher than before its use.

Savings and profit

Comprehensive use of Brllnt Organic concentrate, which significantly increases the yield, allows not only to save time and money, but also to increase revenues.

It recultivates the soil

It activates soil biochemical processes, improves soil quality, water balance, and increases water capacity. Gelling the soil increases the soil’s ability to retain moisture for a long time.

Comprehensive application

The best effects are achieved by the comprehensive application of the preparation, from spring soil activation, through the treatment of seeds and seedlings, foliar spraying, to the use of crop residues or harvest residues.

Is a micro fertilizer

Increases seed germination energy, cationic soil exchange capacity, reduces the occurrence of soil-borne diseases.

To ensure the full effect of the preparation, it is recommended to use Brllnt Organic concentrate comprehensively, starting with soil treatment in autumn – after harvest or harvest for further organic mineralization of residues and in spring – with the introduction of mineral fertilizers into the soil, then during planting or sowing and during the vegetation period. 2 to 5 times during foliar spraying, depending on the stage of their development, separately for each type of plant. The use of Brllnt Organic concentrate can be started at any stage, regardless of the stage of cultivation.

For improving and
recultivating soil quality

Brllnt Organic: Liquid organic and mineral fertilizer concentrate

for complete replacement of non organic/synthetic fertilizers