In order to give the client/customer the best advice possible, please answer (large) farms of various plants and crops), these questions (as much as possible) that will help us give you the right recommendations for the use of our Brllnt Organic® fertilizers:

    1 The number of cultivated areas planned for processing:

    2 What crops are grown?:

    3 What are the results in terms of yields? (tons per 1 ha):

    4 What types of fertilizers (list and addition rates - consumption for the entire period per 1 ha):

    5 What types of plant protection products were used? (plant protection products - names):

    6 What are the means of mechanization? (combines, tractors, sprayers and their number):

    7 Beginning (month from and to) from planting to harvest (for example, March - September) for each crop separately:

    8 Geography (regions, provinces, etc.) where crops are cultivated in the country:

    9 Agrochemical characteristics of soil:


    Contact information

    Full name:

    Company name/organisation:


    Email address: