Project H2O Vortex


General Information & context

The four technology providing companies, H2OVortex(H2O) and Brllnt Organic, Abrimix and Ferr-Tech are all water and fertilizer technology companies with an innovative product in the Agro sector. Where Brllnt Organic a ready product of the shelf has (TRL Level 9), H2OVortex although already two application of the Vortex technology in TRL 9 (Cooling tower application / Ice Ring application (RealIce) it is now making significant steps in the development of the Agro Market (TRL 8). Both companies are doing several testing on different Agri niches, and both companies are presently working on the business development in different parts of the world as well as having a strong local Dutch based company presence.

Ferr-tech has developed Ferrate(VI) which is an incredibly powerful and environmentally friendly. It replaces traditional chemicals which are difficult to remove from water and consume more energy. It is the best way to improve sustainability.

As an add on of this technology, it can be used as a fertilizer for crops with a high need of ferro (spinach).

Abrimix is an South African based company that has developed a high sheer reactor in order to optimize the mixing regime for the treatment of water as well as the SSF tank which optimizes the physical separation of the water and particles (compared to traditional technologies like the DAF systems).

H2O Vortex

Patent holder IVG
water enhancement technology


Patent holder
Abrimix Pty Ltd

Brllnt Organic

Patent holder
New Generation Fertilizer


Patent holder
of Fersol

The Dutch Company DIT (Duurzaamheid, Innovatie & Technologie) is all about development of new technology and where possible finding the synergy in between the different value adding innovations. When looking at H2O & Qult this synergy is obvious to be found, as well as possible synergy effects could be found in both business development / sales channels but maybe also in co-usage. When we add the Ferr-tech and Abrimix, more research combinations open up.
Three technologies (H2OVortex / Qultivo / Ferr-tech) have a claim on an extended revenue (growth) for the crops. Where H2O only “restructures” the water (Vortex), Ferr-tech & Qultivo are actually adding substances to the water (diluted). When using the mechanical application (IVG) H2O Vortex anticipates around 20% extended growth, as well as a reduction in the usage of water. Qultivo by diluting the concentrated substance to water (fertilizer) it has a claim of somewhere between 40-60% extra growth as well as sweeter taste of the fruits or vegetables. THis growth is seen in both the upper plant as well as the root system. Ferr-tech has a more niche based fertilizer function.

Since all these technologies operate on the interface in between water (treatment) knowledge and knowhow and Agricultural Growth optimization, the different knowledge institutes are represented in the list of stakeholders.

DIT Advies

ZZP (Duurzaamheid Innovatie & Technologie)


Dutch Subsidiary of H2O Vortex

Living Foods

(potential project manager)

Van Hall Larenstein

NHL Stenden University

Centre of expertise

Contact Persons

H2O Vortex NL | Mark Boeren (Pathema)
H2OVortex Int | Hakan Gronlund
Brllnt Organic | Paul van den Boogaard
Brllnt Organic Marketing | Peter Fransz
Abrimix | Pieter Jansen
Ferr-tech | Ludo Tissing
DIT advies | Jeroen Rietveld
Living Foods | Timo Ter Voort
NHL Stenden | Agostinho Luewton
CEW | Marco Verkaik
Stenden | Claudia Sousa


Only 20% of all innovations are done by inventing something really new. The rest of innovation is process innovations or combining technologies for synergy effects. This initiative is the latter of the innovations. All 4 technologies have already a proven record in creating value. See for the backing of this claim the following dropbox LINK where the present referrals on the above value claims for the different niches are being shown. In the link more general information on the technologies are to be found.


Looking at the above mentioned synergies, it would be interesting to see if there are any significant synergies to be discovered on a combined deployment. Although the separate deployment of the technologies is already well documented, the Deployment of the innovations at the same time in different setup should give insight in this.

Pilot set-up

To get an idea on the synergy effects of the two innovations, the following pilot setup is suggested. In the preparation phase it will be discussed what crop (or crops) should be tested. This choice is dependent on several factors, for which the PID team will determine later on in the process since this is at present difficult to determine.

For a comparable outcome the following tests are suggested

-1: Create a reference surface without additions
-2: Create a reference surface with H2O Vortex
-3: Create a reference surface with Qultivo
-4: Create a reference surface with H2O Vortex and then Qultivo addition.
-5: Create a reference surface with Qultivo and the H2Ovortex.

The last test is expected to have a negative effect from the power of the H2OVortex unit on the Qultivo, but it might also have an unexpected positive effect due to the high sheer and pressure (cavitation) effect of the IVG unit in combination with a pump.

The outcome of the test should show the benefits or negative effect of the defined intervention, both on the crops fruits (the yield) but also on the root system and plant itself.

Under investigation is a possible other testing site in South Africa for the wineries. A cooperation is being set up with a local university and a winery in order to start testing this on the southern hemisphere as well.

Present Testing

At present (18-08-2022) testing with H2OVortex is being executed at A Canadian research and innovation institute for horticulture science and innovation. This test has been going on for 20 days, and will continue for another 30 days before any outcome will become available.

Added value

It is obvious that the hoped for results of this testing will show a huge increase in the yields from the to be determined crop. Furthermore it is expected that this test will raise more questions and give a better insight in the synergy between these innovations. It is a first step towards a possible and potential further cooperation between the two companies since it is already established that for markets and business development both companies are very complementary. This might mean and lead to the start of a Joint Venture process.


Primary location will be in the northern provinces (Friesland / Groningen) for reasons of costs and possible subsidies, as well as